The Tennis Match
Season 3, Episode 3
Outnumbered episode 0303
Air date Thu 22nd April 2010
Written by Guy Jenkin

Andy Hamilton

Directed by Guy Jenkin

Andy Hamilton

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Karen recreates The Apprentice, Ben takes a close interest in Pete 's medical tests, including how they video his insides. Sue thinks Jake's healthy interest in girls is becoming unhealthy when he starts wooing at girls and referring to them as 'those' such as Kelly, a smart girl from around the street. He then goes off to a football match with his friends Dean and Luke. Sue answers the door to Howard, a man wanting to rid the street of speed bumps. He is a little annoying.

Pete goes to a Saturday morning game of tennis with his friends, Rick, Frankie and a very competitive visitor, Lance, who is later irritated by Karen and Ben's umpire skills. Lance then gets in a fight with Rick and it is later remembered by Karen , who draws pictures of it. Sue is pestered by Howard again, but he is later handed on to Pete at the end of the episode.