The Family Outing
Season 3, Episode 1
Outnumbered episode 0301
Air date Thu 8th April 2010
Written by Guy Jenkin

Andy Hamilton

Directed by Guy Jenkin

Andy Hamilton

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Gran takes the Brockman family for a day out to London. But when Ben sees Trafalgar Square, it turns out he has a singular vision of what happened at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Also on the trip, Karen is unimpressed with modern art, Jake suffers serious trauma when he is unable to text on his mobile, and one of the family uses a visit to HMS Belfast for a brief re-enactment of World War Two. Ben is stopped by a HMS Belfast Official.

Gran offers the Family £3,000 to get Karen and Ben to a better school when they are older.

Karen wanted to do a good project about world war two for the prize of getting a trip to HMS Belfast but it turns out to be a disaster for Karen.

Nelson's Four Lions - Outnumbered - BBC One01:05

Nelson's Four Lions - Outnumbered - BBC One

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