The Coldcaller
Season 4, Episode 5
Air date 29 September 2011
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Ben's Parents Evening
Jake's Secret (Part 2)

The Coldcaller or Jake's Secret (Part 1) is the fifth episode of the fourth series and the first of a two parter.

Summary Edit

Outnumbered episode 0405

Ben and his funny friend

Mum is still convinced Jake has a secret, which turns out to be that he is dating a nineteen year old stripper.Ben is determined to enter a school talent competition with an unusual double act. Then a couple of surprise callers make life more difficult than usual for the family.

Cast Edit

  1. Claire Skinner as Sue
  2. Hugh Dennis as Pete
  3. Tyger Drew-Honey as Jake
  4. Daniel Roche as Ben
  5. Ramona Marquez as Karen
  6. Samantha Bond as Angela
  7. Josephine Kook-Clark as Misty Bollinger