The Airport
Season 2, Episode 4
Outnumbered episode 0204
Air date Sat 6th December 2008
Written by Guy Jenkin

Andy Hamilton

Directed by Guy Jenkin

Andy Hamilton

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The Airport is the fourth episode of Series 2, and aired on the 6th December 2008.


Pete and Sue find themselves trapped in their own living nightmare - stuck in a Spanish airport for hours, with three bored children and an increasingly senile grandfather. Karen asks Pete about al-Qaeda, and comes up with some ideas to stop terrorism. Jake and Ben drink a double espresso and cause trouble - involving an accident or two with an elderly woman. Meanwhile, Pete and Ben get stopped by security whilst Grandad is on the loose.


The Brockmans head for the airport 3 hours early. When they get arrive, they realise that the airport is empty. Pete and Sue soon find out that the Gatwick flight has been delayed by 2 hours. They try to cope being stuck for 5 hours in an airport with Jake, Ben, Karen and Frank - who is coping with dementia. This is their worst nightmare. Karen gets scared by terrorism on aircraft, after Pete tells her about them. Sue and Frank play a bizarre game of I-spy with Karen. Pete looks after the two boys, but Jake buys a double espresso and gives half of to Ben. Many incidents occurred involving an elderly woman who stayed at the hotel with them, and flew with them. These accidents include: Getting hit by a speeding luggage trolley ridden by Ben at Gatwick airport before the outbound flight, and incidents before the inbound flight include: Jake accidentally bumping into the woman whilst fighting Ben and knocking her coffee out of her hand, Ben pushing a trolley into the woman at the check in queue, and finally Pete accidentally knocking her over whilst swinging his bag onto his back, knocking her forward and smashing her glass bottles. The woman seems to tolerate the first three incidents, but seems highly enraged by the last one, shown when she tells the entire family to "Get away from [her]". They play a game of "Who can name the most explosives?" which causes some problems with airport security. Pete gets stopped by security after trouble with his passport, and Ben is worried when they discover a knife in his luggage. Soon it's time to board the plane, but Sue misplaced the boarding passes. The lady at the departure gate kindly prints out some new ones, and the family rush to the aircraft. The episode ends with Frank wandering out the toilet, into the empty airport gate area, wondering where the family have gone. It is presumed that Frank boarded that flight at the last minute, or boarded a later flight, as he is seen at home with the family at the next episode.