Taylor-Jean Bollinger


Brick(Father), Angela Morrison(Step-Mother), Misty(sister), June(Sister), Plinith(Brother), Mustang(Brother)

Place of Residence

Pheonix, Arizona

Taylor-Jean Bollinger is one of Brick's children and is his third child. She has two elder sisters Misty and June, and two younger brothers Plinith and Mustang.

She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her father Brick and siblings Misty, June, Plinith and Mustang and her fathers third wife Angela. Many people say that Taylor-Jean is very strange as she only speaks when she is spoken to and says very positive things. Like many of Brick's children she is emotionally unstable.

She once told Ben that she "ran away from home and got as far as New Mexico" before the authorities found her

She was portrayed by Sophia Reinisch.

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