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Stacey is Pete's goddaughter from Australia. During Season 5, she came to stay with the Brockman family.

History Edit

When Ben met Stacey in House of Hormones, he instantly developed a crush for her and couldn't take his eyes away from her. This concerned Sue and Pete, who encouraged Jake to talk to Ben about women. In Into the Wilderness, while Pete and Ben are away, Sue becomes frustrated with Stacey for talking about dieting and plastic-surgery around Karen. In Communication Skills, Stacey is absent as she is in Scotland, having wanted to see Edinburgh, after Sue told her it was always sunny there. She returns in Spartacus the Musical when Auntie Angela comes to visit.

Trivia Edit

  • She has at least 2 sisters.
  • Her elder sister had plastic surgery for her birthday.
  • When her younger sister was a baby, she played a game with her called 'Baby Yoga' where she would copy what she was doing. She also tried this game with her father when he was drunk.
  • She thinks babies are cute.
  • She loves Lemurs.
  • She feels 'creeped out' by Spud the Scarecrow from children's Television series Bob the Builder.

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