Misty Bollinger
Misty Josephine Kook-Clark
Misty in series 4




Brick(Father), Angela Morrison(Step Mother), June(Sister),Taylor-Jean(Sister), Plinith(Brother), Mustang(Brother)

Place of Residence

Pheonix, Arizona, 19 Keely Road(Temporary)

Portrayed by

Josephine Kook-Clark

Misty: "I find him disturbing."
Angela: "It's alright sweetie, he's only a dummy made of wood."
Misty: "No. The boy."
— Misty in Episode 7

Misty Bollinger (Josephine Kook-Clark) is the fifteen year old daughter of Brick and Angela's step daughter. She first appears in series 4's episode Jake's Secret (Part 1) when Angela brings her to the Brockman's house after running away from Brick.

Angela mentions that its Misty's first time in Europe. Misty doesn't like music and says that she only has an iPod to shut out the world.

Like her sister Taylor-Jean, Misty doesn't talk much and only speaks when she's spoken to.

She is some-what afraid of Brick, as he abused her. She quotes "He would lock me in my room for hours and hours...". This leads to Angela and Misty running away.

It was also hinted that she was previously anorexic


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