The Brockman Family in Series 2

The Brockman Family is the main collection of characters in Outnumbered. The main members are Peter"Pete", Sue, Jake, Ben and Karen


Peter BrockmanEdit

Pete is Sandra's son and his wife is Sue and his children are Jake, Ben and Karen

Sue Brockman (née Morrison)Edit

Sue is Pete's wife they have been married for at least 22 years.

Jake BrockmanEdit

Jake is Pete and Sue's first child, as of series 4 he is 15 years old and is in year 11. he has a girlfriend called Victoria.

Ben Brockman Edit

Ben is Pete and Sue's younger son and middle child. He is very abnormal however he does not seem to know it. He is 11 years old and is in year 7.

Karen BrockmanEdit

Karen is Pete and Sue's only daughter and youngest child. She is 9 years old and is in year 4