Angela is Sue's sister. She is the main antagonist

She first appeared in episode 2

She had often fights with sue when angela lost frank at the city farm

She had a very big fight at a dinner party with sue

Personality Edit

She had diferent boy friends and tried different foods she often went on trips abroad. She is very selfish and idiotic.

Looking after Frank Edit

In Series 1 Angela comes and looks after Frank after she splits with her boyfriend.

She loses Frank in The Ciy Farm and looks for Frank assisted by Jake. Frank is found by Sue and Sue feels delighted to be able to act better than Angela who has achieved so much.

After a huge fight in the series 1 finale she departs for America

First return to the Brockmans Edit

Angela showed up to cousin Julie's wedding to Sues disappointment.

Peye swaps name tags around to try and avoid a fight

Angela confronts Sue about it and Sue backs down but when they start to leave a drunk Julie tells Sue about a conversation she had with Angela

Marriage to Brick and Second return Edit

Angela married Brick an American therapist with a pony tail (Which Jake and Pete had a bet to see if he had one) in 2010 and visited with Brick and one of her stepdaughters Taylor Jean. (Misty, June, Plymouth and Mustang did not appear in the episode and remained in America). The meal ended badly when Brick annoyed Pete and Karen keep questioning Taylor Jeans real Mum.

Third return "Visiting" the Brockmans Edit

Angela returned with who we assume was her oldest stepdaughter Misty she is now an author and was publishing her self help book in the UK and while she was here she would show her around Europe but the hotels where double booked and turned up unexpected at the Brockman house. When she arrives

Ben: Uh oh

Jake: Uh oh

Karen: Oh Jesus

Sue is not pleased but allows her to stay for the night and that she leaves first thing. Pete discovers that Angela is still there after calling Jakes bluff she stays for another night and Sue prints the book to her disgust it says she manipulated Joan and that Pete was weak and angry man.

When she was confronted she had another fight with Sue

It is revealed that Misty is underage and isn't 16 and she is on the run from Brick.

Misty reveals that she and her siblings where psycologicly abused.

Angela and Brick make up and she travels with Misty back to America.

Final Return Edit

Angela returned in the final episode after Sue tells Angela that Frank is ill.

Angela comes with Tommy who is supporting her but throughout Sue keeps calling him a toy boy. Angela would rather Sue tell her when it's over. She leaves England but Tommy goes with Stacey to explore Europe. At bens Musical she leaves money for Frank after Jake poke with her.